Attention Real Estate Agents

Imagine handing someone a few $100 bills as a gift.

Now imagine paying only $24 for that gift!

That’s what you can do with

American Saver is a membership discount program that unlocks savings on just about everything – from conventional and online shopping, to dining, travel, entertainment, and more – at over 300,000 places nationwide!

When you give a client or prospect an American Saver membership, you’re giving them the ability to literally save hundreds of dollars on all kinds of purchases over a full year.

Our Starter Kit gives you a fast, easy start. Our Real Estate Agent Starter Kit equips you with 50 American Saver memberships to give away, along with everything you need to make the program effective.

Make a big impression for a small price. The American Saver membership normally sells for $30, but for a limited time, we’re offering the Real Estate Agent Starter Kit to you for just under $24 per membership. That’s a $1,500+ value, yours for just $1,195!

And if you order now, we’ll lock in your introductory $24 price on 50-membership reorders for a full year!

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To take advantage of this limited-time offer, complete the purchase online, and we’ll get to work on creating your personalized membership cards, explanation cards, and landing page. We’ll have your program set up and operational within 18 working days from the receipt of your headshot photo, contact information, and differentiation copy.

If you have questions about the American Saver Real Estate Agent Starter Kit, call us at 623.505.7196, x1, or request our free informational report, “Top 5 Ways. American Saver Can Help You Influence Clients & Prospects” by completing the form at right.

American Saver helps you stand out in a crowded market.

Impressing clients and prospects is important. And what better way to make a good impression than handing them a gift that can save them hundreds of dollars, all while reminding them that the gift came from you?!?

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